This Weed in Music Featuring The Beatles, SZA, and Brockhampton

This was a big week for all of the humans who happen to enjoy both marijuana and music (read: all of you). Whether it was marking the anniversary of one of the world’s most beloved bands picking up pot or one of this generation’s favorite new songwriters suffering a rare cannabis-related injury — kind of — the closing week of August had a little something for everyone.

I’d be remiss to begin this, however, without first recognizing the end of a tremendous run for someone whose name you may not know but whose work you’d surely recognize. After 27 years of loyal dedication to a dying artform, Alf Clausen has been fired from his job as composer of “The Simpsons.” In an era where the long-running cartoon is one of the last shows to utilize a full orchestra while scoring each individual episode, the move was viewed as a cost-cutting maneuver by the show’s producers ahead of its 29th season premiere in October.

For the better part of three decades, the two-time Emmy Award-winning Clausen provided a rich musical soundtrack to many a smoker’s nighttime spark session. Even if you’re more of a “South Park” fan than a Springfield devotee, you can still…

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