These Fungi Can Benefit Your Cannabis Plants

The best kind of fungi you can have growing in your marijuana garden are mycorrhizae. A product of the phenomenon of permaculture, mycorrhizae forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants to sustain a healthy growing environment for all the plants around. To learn how to benefit from this phenomenon, keep reading this article!

In the living world of biology, there are many different plants that depend on the hidden magic performed by mycorrhizal fungi. Because most of us here are marijuana lovers, we’ll be talking about how these sweet little mushrooms give your roots one of the healthiest environments to grow in.

Essentially, things like mycorrhizal fungi are why people say growing in soil produces the best flowers. The symbiotic relationship between this fungus and plant roots is a mysteriously healthy one for marijuana growers to explore.

What is mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae: These Fungi Can Benefit Your Cannabis Plants

Mycorrhizae is the scientific name for a family of fungi that forms in a root system, purely for the purpose of satisfying a symbiotic relationship. Initially, mycorrhizae were divided into two categories,…

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