The Parts of the Cannabis Plant

Can you name all of the parts of the cannabis plant? Can you explain what they all do? Do you want to be able to? This article gives an introduction to the anatomy of a cannabis plant, and whether you are a novice or a more experienced gardener, we hope you find it entertaining and interesting!



The roots of cannabis plants are long, white, and grow in a tangled mass directly down from the base of the plant. The main, thickest root is called the taproot and is the first root to appear when the seed germinates. That tiny thread develops into the main below-ground life support system for the whole plant.

The tap root, and the main roots, terminate in what is known as the root apex, which is tipped by the root cap. The root cap is a mass of cells which protect the hypersensitive tip of the roots, and also tell the plant which way is down – one of the reasons that it is important to be very careful with the ends of the roots!

The cannabis roots which grow at a rough perpendicular angle from the taproot are…

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