The Low Stress Training (LST) Technique

Low stress training is a technique used by growers to manipulate their plant growth. Some do this because of limitations on space or power, and others do this because of the incredible yields that it can encourage. To learn more about the low stress training technique and how to apply it, keep reading.

The low stress training technique (LST) is a method by which you can manipulate your marijuana plants to yield more and to grow the direction that you want them to. This technique has been used by many growers to produce enormous yields in what would otherwise be considered extremely tight space. Even if you aren’t tight on space, you can still use the low stress technique to encourage your plant to grow more, luscious buds.

Low stress is exactly what it suggests, meaning that there really isn’t any cutting, chopping or pruning involved. In fact, no wounds should be created on the plant in the process of low stress training. This is an extremely safe and efficient (in terms of both money and power) way to grow marijuana.

Here’s a guide on exactly how it works and how to use it…

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