The 4 Benefits of Cover Crops for Cannabis

Using permaculture techniques in your marijuana garden is the biggest step forward towards healthy, organic plants. And the most common way to go about it is by using cover crops. They are plants that can be used in between seasons or during the cannabis season to make your soil healthy, feed your plants nutrients and keep pests away. Fight pests the old-fashioned way with the cover cropping techniques we suggest in this article!

Cover crops, along with companion planting, are methods that have been used in agriculture for years. Marijuana plants are heavy eaters who like to get a lot of nitrogen on their plates. Along with helping your plants get ample nutrients to eat, cover crops can also help to regenerate the soil that your plants grow in.

In general, cover crops are low maintenance plants that can grow in almost any weather condition, making them suitable for any kind of grower.

Cover cropping is used in between seasons to keep the soil working and “alive”, while regenerating it with nutrients. Some cover crops are even “phytoremedial”, meaning they clean the soil of…

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