Strain Review: Slymer by Synergy

Strain Review: Slymer by Synergy

Cannabis consumers come in many forms so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud and Duke London join Managing Editor Lesley Nickus and Contributor Suzy Nguyen. Today, they’ll be reviewing Slymer by Synergy.

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Monterey Bud

Put down the pyrotechnics this Independence Day and back away from the booze, Slymer is ready to help ignite your Fourth of July celebrations in a responsible manner. Coated with sweet terpenes and intoxicating cannabinoids, Slymer was named one of the best marijuana strains in 2016 by canna-blogger David Downs. Cultivated by Synergy Cannabis, the sativa-dominant flower is a mean, green, anxiety-killing machine. Ripped from my Zob mini-bubbler, Slymer’s collective compounds created a thought-provoking way to celebrate America’s love of freedom. Another safe and sane strain for the Fourth, the sublime smoke helped me celebrate the notion of liberty and justice for all.

Duke London

The pungent and frost-covered Slymer attacks the senses the second you open the jar. The scent of citrus-tinged gasoline emitting from the densely constructed nugs reminds me of sipping lemonade while mowing the lawn. This light-green delight provides perfect vibes for these long summer days, as the Sativa-dominant hybrid will have you knocking off to-do list tasks left and right so you can get right back into the hammock. My sample was rolled in a joint, but the trichome-heavy Slymer would be a great candidate to hard-press into some flower rosin for our dabbers out there.

Lesley Nickus

Slymer has a bright, gassy aroma that hits you the moment you open the container. Something about the smell just screams potency. The effects of this mint green, cone-shaped nug of flower crept up on me. Slymer delivered a distinct heady buzz that had me cloudy and struggling to focus. I also really, really wanted to go outside and take a nap in the sun. The flavor was complex despite being masked a little by rolling papers. This would be a good strain for strolling through crowded outdoor summer fests, or watching a movie in the park.

Suzy Nguyen

Slymer launches a smoke screen filled with gassed-up and woody tones, along with rich flavors that filter through the joint delivering smooth, cough-free rips. When you pick up the soft green nug, there is an immediate citrus-fumed scent that hits your nostrils. The moment we sparked the joint, my senses were instantly alerted to the pungency of the strain and the mellow Sativa high kept me balanced and very focused.  After a few hits of the sativa-dominant strain, my jitters from an errand-filled morning finally calmed down. My head was clearer, and the sun was beaming brighter.


Strain reviews are conducted on strains submitted by cultivators and brands for consideration. If you have a favorite strain you’d like us to review, share your feedback in the comments.

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