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Cannabis consumers come in many forms, so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud join Multimedia Coordinator Allena Braithwaite and Managing Editor Lesley Nickus. Today, they’ll be reviewing Animal Cookies from Speedy Organics.


Close shot of flowers

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Monterey Bud

Animal Cookies (AC) are typically a loud strain with a seductive pedigree. Firm, fragrant, and flashing dense plant structure, this hybridized offspring of Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG Bx3 comprises a tight calyx, tangerine-colored pistils and aromatic terpenes. Blazed and savored during a Tuesday afternoon meeting of the minds, our joint of AC provided an introspective moment for elevated discussions. With an OG musk and floral overtones, AC gives way to a familiar air of Girl Scout Cookies when first dissected for rolling. Feeling highly motivated, I found my ADHD in check from our joint of Animal Cookies for an extended period of time.

Duke London

Duke is feeling under the weather. He’ll be back next week with some strain insight and commentary.

Allena Braithwaite

Animal Cookies has alluring emerald hues, dotted with splats of darker leaves, like chocolate chips inside a lump of unbaked dough. Speaking of baked, this glistening lady got me lightly toasted without being out of sorts. The flowers felt pokey and had a light, sweet aroma, the flavor was subtle, too. I’m never a stickler about the smoking method, but for these trichome laden flowers, be sure to roll with a crutch. Even then, beware. By the time our sesh circle got the joint to near-roach form, the paper was glued shut with resin, making it a challenge to get a drag. But if Animal Cookies are pressed into rosin or enjoyed in a piece, it’ll be sheer bliss.

Lesley Nickus

What does it look like?
Super frosty.

What does it smell like?
Herby, with some sweet citrus aromas.

How does it feel?
Very dense and firm.

How did you smoke it?
In a joint.

How does it taste?
Very flavorful. I tasted sweet diesel flavors from the get go.

How do you feel?
Clear-headed, well-balanced and lightly lifted.

Strain reviews are conducted on strains submitted by cultivators and brands for consideration. If you have a favorite strain you’d like us to review, share your feedback in the comments.

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