South Carolina Democrats Approve Non-Binding Medical Cannabis Ballot

Former U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles, head of Palmetto Medical Cannabis LLC, asked both major political parties to include the advisory measure on their ballot, but only Democrats agreed. Over 80% of Democrats in the state voted in favor of the ballot question, clearly signaling their support for a medical cannabis law.

Although South Carolina legalized the use of CBD as a treatment for epileptic children in 2014, legislators have so far failed to approve a more comprehensive medical cannabis program. “And the math is clear that it’s helpful on opioid use if nothing else.”

Legislators proposed a number of amendments to limit the scope of the bill, preventing sales of cannabis in plant form, and allowing police to oversee any stage of cannabis cultivation or production. These conservative safeguards were not enough to get the bill through the state legislature, though.

Proponents of the bill are much more confident that it will pass during next year’s legislative session, and the passage of the ballot measure makes it clear that many of the state’s voters are in favor of medical marijuana.

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