Snoop Dogg pranks Matthew Matthew McConaughey by swapping prop weed with the real thing

Snoop Dogg found a clever way to trick Matthew McConaughey into smoking weed on the set of their upcoming movie.

McConaughey made an appearance on Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about his experiences working with snoop while filming Harmony Korine’s latest project, The Beach Bum.

He explained how he came up with the term “getting Snooped” after the rapper and cannabis aficionado pranked McConaughey by switching out some prop weed with Snoop’s own brand of highly potent pot.

“There’s a scene where I’m going to Snoop because I’ve got writers block and Snoop has the magic weed. So I went to the prop man to make sure I have the prop weed which is like crushed oregano.”

But somehow Snoop came in just in time to make the swap before filming the scene:

“We pass back and forth and all of sudden at the end he goes ‘Yo Moondog’ [his character], that ain’t prop weed, that’s Snoop Weed’ and I was like ‘Oh you son of a a gun’.”

McConaughey also confirmed the top-shelf quality of Snoop-brand cannabis.

“The next nine hours were a lot of fun but I don’t think we used one word in the…

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