Sensible Sensimilla: Work Smarter, Not Harder, With These Weed Hacks

From knicks and knacks, to tricks and hacks, cannabis consumers are notorious for Macgyvering everyday items to optimize their smoking experience. We have taken common household items and morphed them into practical weed hacks to share with our sensible smokers.

Blackout Curtain

Light and heat can affect the quality of your weed. Wrap your Mason jar with black construction paper to prevent heat and light  exposure. The dark hue will protect your flower to keep it fresh longer. To begin, get an approximate measurement of your Mason jar and cut out a piece that fits around the inside or outside. Storing your stash in a cool, dark place with humidity packs will also keep your buds healthy and thriving.

Photography by Gina Coleman

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a wonderful alternative to regular bong water. The acidity of the juice is believed to reduce the residue build up inside the glass. People have even claimed to experience an elevated high from the vitamin C, but we’re not sure about that one. For best use, I have found that using three parts juice to one part water works very well. The flavor of the hit won’t be affected, and your glass will live to sparkle another day.

Photography by Gina Coleman

Foil and Fabric Softener Sheets

Grab these household items and prepare to neutralize odors! I fight odors by covering my bowl piece with foil when not in use. My brother used to laugh when he saw me whip out that foil but it concealed the deal and kept the odor locked away. If you need to quickly hide the scent, cover all the open holes on your bong with foil. Fabric softener sheets are known to absorb odors, so stick a few sheets in your storage case and let the dryer sheet work its magic.

Photography by Gina Coleman

Spiral Pasta Crutch

Too much pasta in your cupboard after promising to steer clear of carbs? Make use of the small spiral pasta noodles in the back of your pantry by sliding one into your blunt. Just like that, you have a fancy-looking crutch and you’ve stayed true to your promise and cut carbs. Tobacco wraps can handle the density of the uncooked pasta spiral better than average joint paper. Cut down the noodle if needed.


Enhance your smoke sesh with honey. Yes we’re talking about honey from the bees. Spread the desired amount of honey around the outside of your blunt or joint for a longer-lasting burn, then kick back and enjoy the silky smoke. If your blunt starts canoeing (when one side of the joint burns faster than the other), smear honey on the side with the canoe to even out the burn.

Photography by Gina Coleman

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a lifesaver, but there’s never one around when you need one. We lose them, then buy more fully expecting to lose them. These practical little wires not only hold hairs in place, but also act as the perfect roach clip. Slip a joint or blunt roach on the wide, open end of the bobby pin and toke it to the end. Bobby pins make the perfect roach clip because they won’t pinch the blunt and block airflow.

Photography by Gina Coleman

CD/DVD Pipe Pack

Those compact disks are still good for something! For those days where you want to take a quick toke without the hassle of setting up and cleaning up, a glass pipe is the perfect way to medicate but packing the bowl can sometimes be messy. Put the center of a CD or DVD over the bowl of the pipe and sprinkle your flower through the hole for a perfect pack.

Photography by Gina Coleman

Old Candle Jar

I like to reuse an old candle jar to store small ashtrays and bowl pieces after use. The airtight lid on the candle container locks the odor from the resin and ash, and the bed of leftover candle wax absorbs the stench while acting as a cushion between the glass surfaces.

Photography by Gina Coleman

Rubbing Alcohol and Salt

Sterilize your glass and give it that day one sparkle by concocting a potion to wipe out residue. Pour rubbing alcohol down the neck of the bong, then shake it up. If there is leftover residue, add a teaspoon of salt, or more depending on the size of your glass, into the alcohol mix in the bong and swirl until the residue begins to slide off. The salt acts as an exfoliant for the gunk inside your glass. Once it is clean, run warm water through the piece to wash out leftover salt particles and any remaining alcohol.

Photography by Gina Coleman

The next time you’re lighting up at home, don’t make the wrong move and run to a smoke shop when you think you might need an odor killer or flower-saving solutions — there’s a good chance you have everything you need in your home.  

Rummage through drawers and cabinets and find inspiration in everyday items. With a little creative improvisation anything can be used as a dupe for practical smoking tools. What are other helpful tips you’ve discovered with household supplies?

Check out how one of our Sensible sisters uses a wire to keep her bowl clean.

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