Sensible Sensimilla: Life Pro Tips for the Sensible Stoner

Hello! Welcome to Sensible Sensimillia. We want to take back the word “stoner.” Today’s cannabis consumers are everything from blue-collar workers to the entertainment elite.This weekly feature will provide tips and tools for the sensible stoner — people who are not defined by what they consume, but the lifestyle they live. Sensible Sensimillia, practical life tips for the stylish, sensible stoner.

Allow us to introduce you to the ladies of Sensible Sensimilla.

Allena Braithwaite

My primary qualifiers when it comes to any cannabis accessory are function, fashion, and not getting caught. That, and snagging items that call to me. Keeping your energy balanced is a full-time job, and if you rely on cannabis to achieve said balance, you’ll need a setup with maximum practicality and a positive aesthetic.

Favorite Personal Accessory: My “unicorn” pipe (named for its spiraling pointed shape, it looks just like a unicorn’s horn!) gifted to me by my best friend, Emily, for Christmas in 2015.

The Unicorn

LPT: If you’re hiking near naturally occurring fresh water and happen to have a bong or bubbler with you, fill it with creek water and maybe toss a small branch of pine needles in the neck for an au natural garnish. Throw a little dried or fresh lavender in the grinder for an extra soothing toke.

Lesley Nickus

I love sleek design and clever, practical elements found in unexpected places. When it comes to my cannabis lifestyle and accessories, I tend to lean toward hacks that help me keep my tools tidy and compartmentalized. You won’t find roaches and ash strewn across my brightly colored living room. Everything is nicely contained in a child-proof cabinet that’s as loud as the contents within.

Favorite Personal Accessory: A 1950s or 1960s table lighter set I found in an antique mall in Old Towne Orange.

Mid-Century Modern Lighter Set

Mid-Century Modern Lighter Set

LPT: Keep the extra wooden chopsticks next time you order takeout. They’re convenient for packing down joints.

Shanti Ryle

I’m an avid chaser of wellness in many forms. From probiotics to chaga mushroom powder, I love to test and incorporate what works for me in my health and wellness regime. I’m a huge fan of Topicals, Tinctures and vaporizer products that merge subtlety with high quality and sustainable craftsmanship. Chic design, cleanliness, and transparency reign supreme in my canna-tools of choice, from a pre-yoga CBD vape draw to infused shea butter.

Favorite Personal Accessory: Dropper bottles! I love mixing cannabis oil with a variety of essential oils, which you can use topically to perk up or wind down, depending on the blend.

Lemon DoTerra Oil and Cannabis topical oil

Concoction of Wellness

LPT: Infused coconut oil goes with everything. I mean everything.

Suzy Nguyen

I like to turn unnecessary to necessary. When there is a must-have product with an unspecified cannabis purpose, you best believe I will find ways to incorporate it into my weed routine. Don’t get me wrong. Even though I love weed hacks, I still fancy the fancy. There are days where I step into connoisseur mode and treat myself to gold wraps and designer flowers. My closet of canna-tools includes little jars of saucy terps, a pack of wraps, and OG buds.

Favorite Personal Accessory: My handmade Sailor Moon dab wand. I love this little glass dabber so much! The crescent top easily scoops up my Sauces and fits perfectly in my nail. The midsection of the dabber also doubles as a carb cap.

Sailor Moon wand as dab tool

The Highest Sailor Scout of All

LPT: Add a splash of cranberry juice to your glass to give your water a nice pink color, and to minimize residue buildup.

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