Sensible Sensimilla: Help! I Have (a lot) of Resin in my Weed Bag.

Sensible Sensimilla is a weekly column highlighting the most practicable ways to live a carefree, fashionable stoner lifestyle. Part how-to guide, part way of life; fully sensible. In this installment,’s Allena Braithwaite shows us how to keep our weed bags fresh and tidy.

The weed bag isn’t just a precious item, it’s a practically a friend. When reaching for it, nearly all weed-lovers feel giddy in anticipation of employing their tools of euphoria. That being said, I have a confession…

Guys, my weed bag is busted. Furthermore, the bottom of my purse is smeared with ash.

For the daily dabber, resin is inevitable. Although there are some sensi hacks to toking around sticky black tar in your bowls and pipes, the crumbles of just one unfinished bowl can leave your bag looking wrecked. If you like to dab like I do, the sticky, harsh resin left from concentrates reaches a whole other level.

If your weedbag is anything like mine, it has blotches of concentrate from dab tools and ash settled into the seams.

What is to be done when a dab queen’s glob has stained a portion of her fabric? Or when a ganja goddess realizes the bottom of her bag is gray and black from ash? Well, she puts on her sensi-sensi cap and redeems her busted bag to its former glory, of course!  

The Rescue Mission Items

  • High Proof Alcohol
  • Coconut Oil
  • Baking Soda (Salt is another, but more abrasive, option)
  • Toothbrush
  • Rag/Cloth
  • Blow Dryer

First Things First, Get Rid of the Ash

The ash has high potential to smear, so take care of that first. If you can, turn your bag inside out. This will be easy for most cloth backpacks and purses, bags with less amenable seams will be a bit more difficult. It’s best to just put that bag upside-down and shake it out as best you can.

Pro Tip: For really pesky, spread-out crumbs, use packing tape to pick it up

Now, Stains

To remove the intimidating globs of dabs that have stained the weedbag, follow these four easy steps:  

  1. Soften stains with coconut oil.
  2. Work in the oil with the toothbrush.
  3. Wipe off
  4. Repeat until the stain is gone or significantly diminished

With what remains of the stain, go ahead and cloth-wash it with warm water.

Pro Tip: For tough stains add salt to thicker surfaces and baking soda to thinner fabrics.

Sprinkle baking soda (you can substitute cornstarch or any other absorbent on the stain) all over the ashy area and let set in for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the severity of the stain.

I waited months before addressing the resin collecting in my purse. Stains that have been sitting longer will need extra scrubbing. Even then, all of it may not come out.

Wipe it Clean

Once 10 to 30 minutes have passed and the stains have been treated, give the bag a good wipe down with warm water.

Air is Your Friend

Just like when you get too faded and need to go outside or open the window, air will help with your ashy woes, too. Again, cleaning ash out of your purse/bag is a far trickier task due to how easily it can smear into the fabric. After the baking soda has set into the bag long enough to absorb into most of the ash in the fabric, flip it inside out, then turn the blow dryer on to the lowest (“cool,” if possible) setting.

Run the dryer across the fabric and get air flow into the interior pockets.

And you’re done! Your weed bag and purse are as good as new. Now that you’ve removed the resin and ash stains, you’re ready to hit the sesh with full confidence and swagger. Don’t let something like a messy or dirty cannabis container keep you from throwing into the rotation ever again.

Much cleaner!

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