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On the 25th of May 2018, when 66.4 per cent of the Irish people voted to repeal the 8th Amendment, the constitutional clause that banned abortion, it was clear that Ireland, a country previously known for its repressive social policies, had entered a new era of openness and compassion.
The question now is, will this new era pave the way for the regulation and decriminalization of medical cannabis?

How was the Repeal Campaign won?

As well as overturning the ban that forced Irish women to travel abroad for abortion services, the Repeal Campaign, as the movement to repeal the 8th Amendment was known, demonstrated a new kind of civic activism in Ireland, one willing to engage with the establishment while refusing to further tolerate the injustices of an out-of-date law.

It demonstrated that when the cause is worthy, the nation is capable of galvanizing its argument into one voice that has the power to change minds, legislation, and history.

There were a series of key moments in the campaign that shifted public opinion in…

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