Rapper Dizzy Wright and Crown Genetics Give Live Resin the Royal Treatment

A quick vape of some of Dizzy Wright’s eponymous OG Live Resin demonstrates one inescapable fact: The Las Vegas rapper knows a thing or two about turning his passion for great weed into epic concentrates. A potent collaboration between Crown Genetics and the Sin City celeb, Dizzy OG Live Resin is a notoriously inspiring dab.

Dizzy gave props for the strain, bred and blown from high-end genetics, last year during an interview with Marijuana.com: “Shout out to Crown Genetics, you know my Crown bros. When I started working with them, the Crown OG was already so fire, so we mixed the Crown OG with King Louie and that’s how we got the Dizzy OG.”  

And once the flower hit full commercial production, Crown Genetics decided to take things up a notch with this potent concentrate.

Appearance: A succulent dab for those in legal states, my half-gram of Dizzy OG Live Resin was a twinkling mound of crystallized compounds. Blazing through a golden yellow hue of terpenes, the psychoactive grist of cannabinoids found in Dizzy’s Live Resin were extracted from freshly harvested flowers. Created from flash-frozen buds at subcritical temperatures, Dizzy’s OG Live Resin is a visually persuasive extract. But while its dryish consistency and golden glow have an alluring pull on the subconscious mind, its elevated potency is the real star of this 710 show.

Dab: Vaped into social compliance from a heated ceramic e-nail, the dab’s high and flavor set the mood and tenor for another fine workday – particularly a Friday. Establishing a smooth mental rhythm as I head toward the weekend, my morning dab of Dizzy’s OG Live Resin was like inspired music for a high-strung soul.  

Flavor: The combined flavors were refined and palatable, derived from the hybridized crossing of Crown OG x King Louie instilled nuanced hints of sweet pine and a spicy pepper. And tapping deep into its genetic downline, Dizzy OG Live Resin seems to have inherited some its petroleum flavor from the Crown OG side of the equation. Succulent and savory, the flavor of Dizzy OG Live Resin is descendant of marijuana royalty.

The High: Dizzy’s dabs definitely altered my state of mind, and my future plans. While I had planned on tackling a few chores around the house this weekend, those intentions have since changed. With summer now in full effect, I’ve realized it’s time to wake early, get high, and surf on fast, empty waves with nothing in mind but getting barreled and avoiding any unnecessary police interactions.

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