Oregon Cannabis Companies Grown Rogue and Jayne Present the Rogue Yoga Series

One of the most essential pieces to the cannabis movement is normalizing the conversation, and in this allowing people to have the opportunity discuss the use of cannabis for wellness experiences. We have only scratched the surface of wellness options that the cannabis plant has to offer, from everything from juicing to lotions to oils and other extracts.

Grown Rogue and Jayne are helping to lift the stigma and educate others about wellness and cannabis by offering the community the Rogue Yoga with Jayne series. This series will include 5 classes, each based off a different theme and desired wellness effect.

ROGUE Yoga classes:

9/12/18 Relax (Restorative yoga)

9/26/18 Optimize (Vinyasa yoga)

10/10/18 Groove (Dance cardio yoga)

10/24/18 Uplift (Yin/Yang yoga for depression and anxiety)

11/7/18 Energize (Hatha power basics yoga)

Doors open at 6:30. Yoga from 7-8pm.

Classes will take place at 19 NW 5th Ave., 3rd Floor, Portland, OR 97209.

Throughout the series, Jayne will be discussing the benefits of cannabis and yoga, what strains to help enhance certain workouts, and the best ways to consume cannabis for optimal body engagement. PAX will serve as a sponsor at the…

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