Oregon Buds: Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation with Eco Firma Farms

It’s very clear from hearing Jesse speak that his drive to do good comes from a deep-rooted passion for cannabis. After all, Eco Firma Farms began as a small husband-and-wife Medical Marijuana operation that was focused on bringing high quality medicine to their patients. Jesse’s wife, Kate Guptill, is the Vice President of Operations and Finance at Eco Firma Farms and still enjoys spending time in the gardens as a cultivator when she can. It’s always been a family affair for Jesse, whose parents were hobbyist growers who raised him in an environment of cannabis being extremely normalized. When asked what the future holds, Jesse filled us in on his plans to expand to Maine, and a peaking interest in the Nevada and California markets where they are open to expanding the Eco Firma brand or to work with other established brands to further the idea that environmental friendliness is important to the reputation of our industry.

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