On the move in Lesotho: Africa’s cannabis pioneer

For once, the spotlight is not on its big brother, South Africa, but on Lesotho itself: In 2017, this small country legalised medicinal cannabis, making it the first place in Africa to do so! Cannabis News Network took a quick look around this beautiful but poor country and found that not very much had really changed since the legalisation.

Stretching from its capital city of Maseru in the west, and the Drakensberg mountains in the East, Lesotho welcomes visitors with stunning mountain landscapes. As the only country in the world that is entirely above 1,000 m, it is for good reason that Lesotho is known as the kingdom on the roof of Africa.

Alongside the beauty of the landscape, the other thing that leaps out at you is the poverty. Almost half the population has to try to live on just over USD 1.00 per day. Life expectancy is one of the lowest in the world, HIV and Aids remain huge problems.

Growing cannabis in Lesotho

Cannabis has a special status in Lesotho. Since ancient times, it has formed an integral part of the tribal culture, something that its cultural and social acceptance fully reflects. This was the case even before…

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