NFL denies historic request for medical marijuana exemption

The National Football League won’t allow player Mike James to use cannabis as a safer alternative to opioids.

The league denied James’ application on Thursday to be exempt from punishments for using medical marijuana, reports CNN.

The free-agent running back who most recently played for the Detroit Lions made history last month as the first player to file a therapeutic use exemption for marijuana.

“My career is at great risk,” James told CNN.

James turned to medical marijuana years ago after developing a dependency for prescription opioids following an ankle injury in 2013. He recently told his story in Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s latest special report, Weed 4: Pot Versus Pills.

“This is the first active player who’s been willing to put their professional career on the line, to openly admit that they not only have been using this cannabis but need it to function at the highest level,” said Dr. Sue Sisley, an Arizona-based cannabis researcher who has helped James with his exemption application.

James vows not to give up on attaining exemption status for weed.

“I’m not ashamed of it,” James said. “I’m not…

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