New Study Shows Medical Cannabis Could Help Pancreatic Cancer Patients

I have been a regular cannabis consumer for quite some time now, and, while I most definitely rely on the plant for medicinal effects, I typically like to use it to unwind or enhance other experiences. My first REAL experience with observing the medicinal benefits of cannabis was in Missouri in 2005 when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She passed away about 9 months after the initial diagnosis, but, with the help of cannabis, she was able to have the best quality of life possible for those last months she spent with us. Even her doctors (remember, this is 2005 in a prohibition state) were amazed at how well she was getting around and how much her appetite and systems would improve overall when she was using cannabis regularly as she weathered the cancer along with the radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Watching what this plant was able to do for her during the end of her time with us was life-changing for me as a young adult and mother, and made me a believer in medical marijuana forever.

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