New Hampshire Democratic Party Officially Endorses Legal Weed

Party officials adopted a measure in favor of legalization during this Saturday’s Democratic convention in Stratham. State delegates also approved a resolution calling on the federal government to remove cannabis from the category of Schedule I drugs. New Hampshire has remained a stronghold of prohibition despite surrounding states’ proactive stance on cannabis reform, but legislators are beginning to realize the inevitability of legalization. “I think that at the point in time when it is legalized, we need to be ready to make sure that public safety is protected.” Both Democratic candidates for governor, Molly Kelly and Steve Marchand, have also both announced their full support for legalization.

Although both of these candidates support legal weed, incumbent Governor Chris Sununu, who is running unopposed in the Republican primary, remains antagonistic to the idea. Texas Republicans, like the New Hampshire Democrats, also adopted a resolution calling for the federal rescheduling of cannabis. Earlier this year, the New Hampshire House of Representatives also passed a limited cannabis legalization bill. Similar in scope to Vermont’s legalization law, the bill would have allowed the personal cultivation and possession of pot but would still have banned legal retail sales.

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