Need to Know: Trump-Kim Summit Chock-Full of Pleasantries, Lacking in Substance

The duo shook hands, smiled, and presented friendly body language throughout the five-hour pow-wow. They shared a lunch of crispy pork, beef short ribs, and prawns as Trump showed Kim a heavily-produced video presentation of what North Korea could be with the development of modern train systems, beachside hotels, and other trappings of Western prosperity.

But while flash-bulbs popped and Trump offered Kim a tour of his bulletproof limousine, the two failed to secure any concrete plan for North Korean denuclearization or the containment of the country’s arsenal of ballistic missiles – the weapons that most readily threaten South Korea. Trump and Kim did sign a joint statement calling for “Total denuclearization” of both North and South Korea, but did not outline any timetable or plan of action to execute that goal.

Still, Trump left the encounter raving, and took to Twitter to assure the American people that they could “Sleep well” because he had neutralized any threat of nuclear war. “As I said earlier today: Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace!”

Trump also agreed to cease demonstrations of American military force in conjunction with South Korea, calling the military exercises “War games.”

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