Namaste: Yogis, Add Marijuana for a Truly Transcendental International Yoga Day Practice

Here comes another holiday for the ’gram, guys and gals. It’s International Yoga Day!


Initiated  by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and proclaimed by the United Nations in 2014, International Yoga Day — June 21 — is a day to commemorate an age-old practice that exercises students physically, mentally, and spiritually. There are various practices of yoga that emphasize different values, but a common goal of the practice is to reset your mind and body, reduce stress, and enhance your lifestyle. What else also elevates your potential?

Ahhhhh, marijuana.

Weed offers a similar euphoria and releases tension in the mind and body. So what happens if we pair yoga and weed? Cannabis can complement your practice by getting you out of your head to relax the body and allow you to focus on what’s most important you. To celebrate International Yoga Day, we have listed five yoga poses that will uplift you mentally, physically, and spiritually. You can even bust out these moves after a nice, toasty smoke sesh.

Garudasana — Eagle Pose


Eagle pose requires strength, flexibility, endurance, and extreme focus. Swing your left arm under your right arm, then lift your left leg up, put it behind your calf and move into a sitting position. Keep your eyes forward and lean into your seat to maintain balance. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be flexible, after a few tokes, your limbs will loosen up and your focus will sharpen, allowing you to concentrate on what’s ahead of you, instead of getting distracted by your surroundings. This posture increases circulation in joints and opens shoulders and shoulder blades. Repeat the pose on the right side.

Dandayamana Dhanurasana — Standing Bow Pulling Pose


Dan-da-yama-na what? The next move is standing bow pulling pose. This posture is designed to stimulate the cardiovascular system, improve circulation to the heart and lungs, and improve the elasticity of the spine.

To muscle this move, start by standing with both feet together. Bend your right leg so your heel moves back toward your derriere. Use your right arm to grab your right foot behind the back. Using all of your fingers, let the motion of your leg follow your arm. Then extend the left arm upwards so it points directly toward the ceiling. You must never let go of the foot or lock your knee! Smoking before practicing this pose can improve focus and balance.

Ardha Matsyendrasana — Half Spinal Twist Pose


The seated half spinal twist is one of my favorite poses. Start by bending your right knee and place the right heel close to your right sit-bone. Bend your left knee and cross your left foot over your right knee. Plant your foot on the floor, so your left ankle is next to your right knee. Reach the left arm behind and place your palm on the floor. Bend your right elbow and cross it over the outer side of your left knee. Keep your elbow bent, or if you can, hold onto your left toes. To stay firm, keep the left hand on the floor while the right elbow is bent. Steer your gaze over your left shoulder and twist, twist, twist.

Slowly unwind and feel stress and tension wash away. Smoking a joint before the twist could make you feel significantly limber, so don’t force moves the body hasn’t quite learned yet.  

Ardha Kurmasana — Half-Tortoise Pose


Half-Tortoise is great for tense necks and shoulders, and the pose increases blood flow to the brain. To start, tuck in your knees and sit on your calves. Then, bring the palms of your hands together and intertwine all of your fingers. While keeping your hands and fingers together, extend only the index fingers and let them guide your body forward. As you exhale, slowly pivot down from the waist until the little fingers and forehead touch the mat. If you cannot touch the mat, sink as deeply as you can into the stretch, but don’t worry about making contact with the mat.

When you’re coming back up, inhale and raise one vertebra at a time until you reset into the starting position with your hands straight up, arms locked. Then slowly bring your arms back to the side. Spice up this pose with some herb and savor the extended stretch. Once you return to the starting position your back will feel agile and nimble.

Savasana — Corpse Pose

Also known as dead pody pose, Savasana is a fan favorite, and also another one of mine. This posture is fairly simple, lay down on your back with your arms by your side and relax your feet. The challenge to this posture is remaining completely still without taking a nap, but once you’ve achieved serenity, enjoy the hushing calmness for a few minutes. Take this opportunity to let go of the day and clear your mind. Flaming up before getting situated in Savasana will amplify the tranquility and leave you feeling fresh and level-headed.

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