More People in Colorado Are Smoking Weed Than Ever Before, Study Says

Since Colorado opened America’s first adult-use recreational cannabis market in 2014, the Centennial State has lead the country’s burgeoning green rush with continuously climbing legal weed sales and tax revenue.

On the consumer side of things, BDS researchers reported that 68% of respondents said they used marijuana for health and wellness purposes, with most Coloradans noting that they prefer to get lit in the evening time – perhaps as a happy hour replacement for a glass of red or a bottle of suds.

And while dispensaries are now full of countless types of pot products, as well as countless gadgets used to consume them, BDS found that 79% of respondents had smoked marijuana, up from 67% during the same time frame last year.

With four years of legalization under its belt and steadily rising cannabis interest, Colorado’s love affair with all things ganja bodes well for other states wondering what their own legal weed markets will look like down the line. Comparing the two states, the Colorado market’s long-term viability could be seen as encouragement, a concrete example that growing pains do eventually end in the transition out of prohibition.

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