Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad: Campaigning for cannabis

The divide between medicinal and recreational cannabis has been a hot topic for US users since the early Nineties. The fourth part of this Cannabis News Network video series explores Chris and Mikki’s views on the controversy in the campaigning.

In the United States of the early 1990s, the push to legalise medicinal cannabis was gathering pace and looked likely to finally succeed. At the same time a split was growing in the campaign movement. Everyone agreed that sick people needed safe, legal access to medicine.

When it came to recreational use, however, opinions differed. As Chris Conrad says, “… between people that said: hell, I’m no patient, I want to get high, and other people that said let’s just start here, get a foot in the door and the rest will follow”.

Cannabis News Network continues this six-part video series of in-depth interviews with two of the most dedicated campaigners for the rights of cannabis users, both medicinal and recreational.

In this episode, Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad give viewers the benefit of their experience on the pros and cons of the different campaign viewpoints and the parallels between

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