MedMen’s New Manhattan Dispensary Meets Opposition Upon Opening – News

Zamari Graham-Smith, whose background is in fashion wholesale, is spearheading the movement to demand that MedMen apply a higher standard of social justice to its business platform.

“A friend of mine brought to my attention an article she saw online about MedMen opening on Fifth Avenue. The headline was that it was the Barneys of dispensaries, and I couldn’t help but notice the elephant in the room,” Graham-Smith says. “Young black males are sitting in jails across the country for marijuana possession or distribution, and my thinking was that there’s an opportunity here for MedMen to lead by example by putting social justice into action. “

She drafted a letter to MedMen, and via social media solicited her peers to sign on and then all send the same letter to the company’s communications, business, and customer service email addresses. “The letter is to call MedMen’s attention to the disparity of black males doing time during the liberalization of marijuana,” Graham-Smith says. “This presents an incredible opportunity for MedMen to become pioneers and the leaders of example for marijuana dispensaries through acts of cohesion, diversity, and inclusion. “

The letter suggests two direct ways MedMen can put social justice into action:

  • Adopt a gross margin contribution model for an ongoing or limited period of time towards a bail reform initiative such as Liberty.

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