Medical Marijuana Patients Can Now Buy Flower in Pennsylvania

Vape ’em if you got ’em, Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients.

According to a press release from the office of Governor Tom Wolf, cannabis bud will be available at 16 dispensaries today, with 12 more welcoming whole plant sales by next Wednesday, August 8th. Those early-adopting pot shops have already reported early morning lines, but despite the excitement, state regulations will require all patients to vape their medicine, continuing the ban of smoking the now-legal flower. On the other hand medical experts are weary that smoking of any kind could be considered a medical treatment. Meeting in the middle of those two opinions, vaporization allows patients to consume whole flower cannabis without combustion.

If Pennsylvania medical patients are found to be smoking their legal weed they can face charges associated with drug paraphernalia and potentially have their MMJ licenses revoked. Poking fun at the new regulations that allow flower but ban smoking, Pennsylvania’s largest legal cannabis producer, Cresco Yeltrah, posted a photo of a bud on social media along with the caption, “We’ll leave the rest to you.”