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Exploring if marijuana can be used for PTSD treatment is kind of like juggling what we do know with what we don’t know. While there are many veterans experiencing benefits from using cannabis, researchers say that marijuana for PTSD might not have an effect in the long term. For a look into this interesting topic, keep reading this article.

The emergence of cannabis as a legal medicine in many parts of the world has meant that many patients are being prescribed marijuana.

As well as sufferers of anxiety and depression, patients experiencing PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) are also becoming one of the largest groups seeking relief from cannabis. There are a lot of labels being thrown out there, such as “self-medication”, a “coping mechanism” and “marijuana abuse disorder”.

The link between marijuana and PTSD is interesting to say the least. While some researchers suggest that marijuana has no ability to treat PTSD, the anecdotal evidence says otherwise.

Research into the topic has opened up a myriad of questions that we could ask in relation to this issue. Is it…

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