Legal Weed: California Examines Payments and Ad Restrictions; Georgia Permits CBD Oil Use

California lawmakers will hear bills affecting after-school program funding, advertising restrictions to protect children, cannabis banking, and tax collection.

Across the other side of the US, Georgia now allows access to cannabis oil for patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and intractable pain.

Here’s what’s on the agenda in Sacramento for the week of July 2, 2018.

AB 1741 proposes to exempt licensed businesses from being required to pay their monthly tax liability via electronic transfer if their estimated tax liability does not average $20,000 or more per month until January 1, 2022. AB 1741 was scheduled for a hearing on Monday July 2, 2018, before the Senate Appropriations Committee. If AB 1741 passes and is signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, the bill would become effective immediately.

AB 1744 would use cannabis tax revenue to fund grants for the After-School Education and Safety Program. Schools would qualify for grants for after-school programs that include youth development activities that promote healthful lifestyle choices and behaviors in order to prevent or reduce substance abuse, and improve school retention and performance. AB 1744 was scheduled for a hearing Monday, July 2, 2018, before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

AB 3067 would prohibit websites, online services, online applications, mobile applications and advertising services from promoting cannabis or cannabis-related products or services to minors. The bill was scheduled for a hearing Tuesday, July 3, 2018, before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

SB 1127 proposes confidentiality for student records collected by school personnel that show students are using medicinal cannabis. The records shall not be open to the public for any reason other than a state or federal court order. The bill has received overwhelming bipartisan support. After having moved unanimously through the state Senate, SB 1127 was scheduled for a hearing Tuesday, July 3, 2018, before the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

SB 1510 would name the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration as the tax collecting and fee administrative agency for the state of California. The bill amends sections of the Business and Professions Code, Food and Agricultural Code, Government Code, Health and Safety Code, Public Resources Code and the Revenue and Taxation Code to reflect this change. SB 1510 was scheduled for a hearing on Monday, July 2, 2018 before the Assembly Revenue And Taxation Committee.

Georgia’s HB 65 went into effect Sunday July 1, 2018. The bill grants patients with intractable pain and PTSD access to cannabis oil. Patients with a physician’s recommendation can possess up to 20 fluid ounces, or 591.5 mL, of CBD oil with less than 5 percent THC content. The bill also created the Joint Study Commission on Low THC Medical Oil Access. The 15-member study commission will evaluate and make policy recommendations on in-state security, manufacturing, product labeling, testing and dispensing of cannabis oil.

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