Last Rulings of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts in Spain

The Supreme Court acquits Ebers and the Constitutional Court rules in favour of the Law of Addictions of the Basque Country, but at the same time it reminds us that cannabis clubs are illegal and from now on autonomous governments will not be able to regulate cannabis cultivation.

Last January, in my previous article in this blog, we announced the end of tolerance towards Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) in Spain. The Constitutional Court (CC) invalidated the conviction against the Ebers association, making it clear at the same time that the decision to consider CSCs to be criminal organizations was constitutional.

After the CC threw the ball back to the Supreme Court, the latter did not take long to respond. Already on February 22 the news that the members of Ebers had been acquitted was leaked to the press. As we reported at the time, this was due to the violation of their right to defence since they were not heard by the Supreme Court before a conviction was issued.

Now the Court has decided to acquit them directly, without…

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