Kosher Tangie Sugar Looks Like Salmon Caviar, Feels Like Heaven

Kosher Tangie Sugar will tantalize your taste buds as it waxes euphoric over your senses. Derived from an F1 marijuana strain, or a first-generation hybrid, these concentrates provide a distinct flavor and powerful effects. A citrus-centric dab with a complex flavor profile, Kosher Tangie Sugar is a hybridized cross between two classic strains: Kosher Kush and Tangie.

First cultivated by Farmer Max of Santa Cruz, California, the Kosher Tangie strain is refined into Kosher Tangie Sugar (KTS) via a partnership with some of “the finest extraction artists” on the Central Coast. Meticulously cultivated and skillfully extracted, these sugary concentrates are truly a kosher treat for the head.

Appearance: Mesmerizing medicine for the cannabinoid-deprived psyche, my gram of Kosher Tangie Sugar instilled a sense of exhilaration. I was ready to breathe deep and relax with my first vape of the weekend. I couldn’t help but notice as I gazed into the open jar, these concentrates had the appearance of salmon caviar — yellowish-orange, granulated, and bathed in a pool of therapeutic terpenes. The crystallized cannabinoids found in Kosher Tangie Sugar provide an overwhelming orgy for the senses.

Dab: Good medicine for challenging times, my first dab of Kosher Tangie Sugar was smooth and sweet. After first heating the quartz bucket on my rig and allowing it to cool to an optimal temperature for better flavor and smoother hit, the initial dab liquefied like butter in a hot pan. Ripped, held, and released, the dab disclosed a salvo of familiar flavors.

Flavor: Think of a smooth, citrus-forward combination of Kush’s musk and Tangie’s sweet-and-sour demeanor. Best dabbed at lower temps for an increased flavor profile, I had to guesstimate the approximate temperature of my bucket (a.k.a. “banger”) before dabbing. Lost, misplaced, or stolen – I forgot where I last used my e-nail. Either way, I heated my bucket to the point that it was glowing red, I then waited 30 seconds before taking the first dab of KTS.

The High: My morning dab helped fire up this old surfer’s repressed imagination. It provides a mental laxative for the creatively constipated. And thanks to the medicinal side-effects of Kosher Tangie Sugar – that of reduced inflammation, pain, and fatigue – I’ll soon be headed down to Big Sur in search of California’s elusive southern swells. Live better, dab more, hurt less.

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