Jeff Sessions Delivers Speech in Colorado, Never Mentions Cannabis

Strangely, neither politician mentioned cannabis during his half-hour speech, despite Colorado being the first state to regulate recreational cannabis sales. It would also guarantee banking and other financial transactions for licensed cannabis entities, activities that are currently permitted only through a Treasury Department guideline. “I support Senator Gardner,” the president said. “

Gardner’s bill is a countermeasure to Sessions’ anti-cannabis policies. He wrote that criminal gangs operated within state-approved cannabis programs to traffic black-market cannabis to prohibition states.

Although the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment was eventually included in the 2018 federal spending bill, earlier this year Sessions rescinded the Cole memo, an Obama-era Justice Department guideline that prevented federal authorities from interfering with state-approved recreational cannabis.

Rather than discuss weed, Sessions spent the first part of Friday’s speech commending the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of

The rest of Sessions’ speech focused on America’s rampant opioid epidemic within the context of illegal immigration and the criminal gang MS-13. Wall.”

After his speech, Sessions briefly discussed cannabis during an interview with Colorado Public Radio at the summit.

“I can’t guarantee free from any consequences for an act that is contrary to U.S. law,” Sessions said. “

Why did neither Gardner nor Sessions mention cannabis during their speeches? It’s possible that, despite their disagreements between federal law and states’ rights, the two Republicans did not want to contradict one another during the summit. The Western Conservative Summit is supposed to unify and embolden American conservatives, so establishing common ground would take precedence over highlighting a divisive issue. Aspx”>According to a Gallup poll conducted last year, the majority of Republicans now support cannabis legalization. Last August, Hunt, a staunch Trump supporter, penned an op-ed piece for

When MERRY JANE reached out to Hunt about Gardner and Sessions’ omission of weed from their speeches, he did not respond to comment.

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