Jamaican Farmers Just Harvested Their First Legal Cannabis Crop – News

Photo via Cannabis Training University

Two cannabis cultivators in Jamaica have each separately announced that they harvested the country’s first legal weed crop this month. The newly harvested plants will be now be cured and trimmed before being sent on to Kaya Herbhouse, the company’s first retail establishment, and Everything Oily, who will process the plants into oil-based medicines.

This week, Timeless Herbal Care also released a statement reporting that they had just harvested their first legal cannabis crop. Timeless said that they received the country’s first research and development license, and were the first to legally plant cannabis in Jamaica in over 100 years. “This is a momentous day in Jamaica, and a tremendous victory for the global medical marijuana industry,” Timeless CEO Courtney Betty said in a statement. “We look forward to processing our plants to providing pure and natural cannabis oils, not only for the Jamaican market, but also for the international export market. Now that cannabis growers have finally been allowed to produce their crops, legal ganja sales are not far behind. The Kaya Herbhouse will include a cafe and wellness center that plans to offer both medical and recreational cannabis to locals as well as tourists. Eventually, Kaya hopes to expand to eight retail establishments throughout the island nation.

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