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There are few things worse than lovingly nurturing a crop of cannabis through vegetation and flowering, only to have mould strike in the last weeks before harvest. Unfortunately, this span of time is exactly when the most common types of cannabis rot and mould infections usually occur. Knowing the reasons for this also suggests how to prevent them occurring.

Unfortunately, by the time that mould is easily visible, invisible mould spores will have contaminated a much larger area. The only way to really get rid of mould, mildew and bud rot on cannabis is amputation; tragic though it is, the parts of the plant that are afflicted must be cut off as soon as the problems have been identified, plus a good area around them to allow for the spores.

Not only is it very unhealthy to inhale or consume the spores, if they are left on the plant then the same problems will continue.

Some strains of cannabis are especially susceptible to these problems, for example the Big Bud, simply because the buds are so large and dense; this is the…

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