How to Deal with a Partner Who Doesn’t Like Weed

Everybody has heard this story in the stoner circle before: “My partner hates that I smoke weed”. It is a problem that many users face. Is there a way around it? Communication and acceptance are some of the most powerful ways to deal with relationship challenges. Keep reading this article to learn more about how to deal with your partner if they don’t like your cannabis use.

They say that opposites attract. Such is the case when an avid pot smoker meets a person who is less fond of the idea. For those who really love marijuana, this can be the biggest hurdle that your relationship faces.

It can be quite difficult to get a cannabis smoker to stop smoking “just because” a partner doesn’t like it. And rightfully so. Smoking weed is a sovereign right. So how could your partner be so against it?

Unfortunately, not all relationships were created equal. It’s nice when you fall in love with someone who fancies the green stuff just as much as you do. But we aren’t all so lucky. Sometimes you’ve found yourself in love with someone who simply hates your use of marijuana.


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