How to Clean Your Bong in 9 Steps

Keeping a clean and shiny bong is something every stoner should strive for. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a smoking circle and being handed a crusty, dirty bong that hasn’t been cleaned in months. Don’t be that person. Learn how to clean your bong properly by reading this article.

If only you could see my face every time I get handed a very dirty bong – it says it all. And if your guests don’t do the same when you hand them a dirty bong, it’s because they have much better manners than I do.

That’s right – it’s basically blasphemy to smoke out of a dirty bong, let alone to serve up your friends in one. Before your friends come over, do the right thing and clean your bong.

You wouldn’t serve up a dinner party in dirty dishes that had been lying around for months, would you? I always wondered why people never treated their bongs like dirty dishes, washing them regularly and keeping everything in order. For that matter, smoking out of a dirty bong also heavily affects the taste.

Nothing says “good stoner” better than a shiny bong, and no smoke…

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