How to Check the Quality of Your Weed

If you know how to check the quality of weed before you buy it, you’re way more likely to go home with a bag of quality buds than a dud. In this article, we’ve covered all the things that make up a good quality bud. We’ve also included what you should avoid if you’re looking for good quality. After reading this article, you shouldn’t get stuck with a bad bag ever again!

There’s something so shameful about getting ripped off with a less than a quality bag of weed. And if you’re the person who is supplying the weed to the smoking circle, it’s double embarrassing – especially if they are a very enthusiastic group of stoners. But what’s a person to do? Sometimes you’re so desperate for a joint, you’ll take what you can get, right? Wrong! We live in the modern age of marijuana, friends, where you don’t have to settle for a crappy bag.

So how do you check the quality of your weed? Well, there’s no scientific method to checking out the weed in your bag before you buy it. But it doesn’t matter. There are certain things you should definitely look out for and things you should most definitely avoid. We’re going to help you identify…

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