How About A Nice Hawaiian Punch? Golden Leaf Scientific’s Hawaiian Haze Sure Packs One.

The Strain Review is the quintessential column.  And since cannabis consumers come in many forms, we’ve included multiple points of view. Our longtime reviewer Monterey Bud joins contributors Lesley Nickus, Suzy Nguyen and Allena Braithwaite. Today, they’ll be reviewing Golden Leaf Scientific’s Hawaiian Haze.

Monterey Bud

Though Hawaiian Haze was cultivated by Golden Leaf Scientific, it tastes as though it was blessed by Lono. A Hawaiian deity, Lono has long been associated with fertility, cultivation, rainfall, and music. Saturated with remedial terpenes and steeped in the “Aloha Spirit,” my sample of Hawaiian Haze had spear-shaped buds and classic colorations. Shredded for my afternoon joint, Hawaiian Haze hit my cerebral cortex like a new-aged hippie speedball.  After roaching the creamy fruit-forward joint, I was ready and eager to hop in the passenger seat of my buddy’s van for a cruise around the beach. Simultaneously relaxed and energized by my 4:20 break, it was time to search for Moonstone’s on Carmel beach and a little moment of contemplation.

Allena Braithwaite

Hawaiian Haze is a beautiful flower! The nugs are big and healthy with strikingly bright-green leaves dotted with milky trichomes. Amid all that is the occasional swirl of a long, orange, hairy pistil. Her aroma is bright and citrusy, but not super dank or overpowering — maybe a good one for sneaky tokes. I smoked this cultivar in a joint and caught a bit of sweetness in the flavor before catching an even more powerful high. This gal will get you very stoned. My eyes hung droopy and I experience a mean case of the munchies. I mean the kind of munchies where the flavors are enhanced and the textures of food are amazing.

Suzy Nguyen

This heavily-scented strain brought the islands to my senses and I definitely caught the Hawaiian Haze in my waves. I immediately tasted the smooth flavors of citrus wrapped in a smooth OG flavor when I hit the joint. The pop of pine doesn’t startle the taste buds or make for  a harsh hit. After pushing through half a shared joint, my intuition and my senses connected, allowing words to fly out of my fingers as I typed. There’s no strain that has re-snapped me into focus like Hawaiian Haze. So, mahalo, Golden Leaf Scientific, my productivity level has skyrocketed.  

Lesley Nickus

This Hawaiian Haze flower is super-dense and dusted with trichomes. Little orange pistils peek out from a bed of bright green. The smell of the nug was pretty mild and earthy, and there wasn’t a heavy odor while smoking, either. A lot of people say their perception of time is altered while high. After smoking this, I can now say without a doubt, I know what that’s like. This was an immediate head high that made it easy to get lost in conversation, but also easy to lose the conversation. Focusing on one things at a time was tough and this made it hard for me to be social. I feel this would be great in a solitary creative setting, though, where I could explore my thoughts and ideas. It’s less ideal for daily multitasking.

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