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The 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival just wrapped the first of two weekends of global social media domination and live music. The stacked lineup featured newcomers and industry heavyweights alike, with acts such as Brockhampton and Beyoncé setting the stage — and subsequently the trending topics — ablaze.

One of the first-timers performing at arguably the world’s biggest music festival this year is Wuki, who is taking the stage at the famed Heineken House party within the Indio festival grounds for both weekends.

The EDM DJ and producer, once signed to Diplo’s Mad Decent label and now operating his own Wukileaks imprint, originally started in an electro-rock band when he was in college, as he told Shirley Ju in a recent interview for Though he eventually fell in love with electronic dance music and followed that path, his taste in music remains eclectic.

We caught up with Wuki to find out what he listens to while he smokes, which he told us tends to be Sativa out of blunts — a true East Coast-native.

XXYYXX, “About You”

He’s got a video for it. It’s just like chicks smoking blunts on a couch or something. That song is so cool, man. This is hands down the chillest song ever. Such a trippy vibe throughout the whole thing. I love it.

Acoustic Reggae

And then, I don’t know. Maybe just like some old-school shit, maybe some island music. Something with acoustic guitar, that’s my favorite instrument — that’s what I like to play. Just an acoustic guitar playing some songs would be my go-to — outside on a beach.

John Denver, “Sunshine On My Shoulders”

[A] throwback tune but John Denver was such a “G.” This song is all about enjoying nature and the beauty of our planet. Smoke outside and listen to this on a sunny day, and you’ll feel me.

A Tribe Called Quest, “The Scenario”

Honestly, anything off this album could go on this list. But I personally love this tune.t reminds me of getting high in my high-school years.

Schoolboy Q, “Studio”

I feel like I don’t even need to say anything for this one. Pretty much the illest beat ever. [laughs]

Flying Lotus, “Melt!”

Probably could put anything by FlyLo in this list but this tune is one of my favorites. His records are so sonically beautiful, every song is like ear candy.

If you want to take Wuki’s HotbAUX playlist on the go, we’ve compiled Wuki’s picks, some of his own best songs, and other related tracks for you in this Spotify list.

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