Germany considering fines over charges for cannabis

In Germany, cannabis users have so far only been decriminalised on paper. In 2017, there were more criminal investigations than ever before. Now, Germany’s Drug Commissioner is reflecting aloud about punishing quantities for personal use with a fine.

The recent Police Criminal Statistics (PKS) for 2017 presented by Germany’s Drug Commissioner, Marlene Mortler, confirms that more and more charges are being brought for the crimes of consumption and possession. Although small amounts of cannabis for personal consumption have for a long time now officially been decriminalised in Germany, the day-to-day experience does not reflect this.

Anyone caught with cannabis for their own use will be charged. This then results in a criminal case, which can be cancelled in advance by the public prosecutors in return for payment of a fine, or even without any sanctions, depending on the circumstances and the social report on the persons concerned.

But even when the case is dropped, the charge remains on record for many years. Often, the…

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