Gallup poll: Americans believe tobacco is more harmful than marijuana

(stock photo by Drug Policy Alliance)

Americans now consider tobacco products to be more harmful than using cannabis, according to recent data.

A Gallup poll conducted this month found that tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and pipe tobacco are all seen by the majority of Americans to inflict more bodily harm than marijuana.

“Cigarette use continues to decline as nearly all Americans agree on the dangers of smoking and government regulation of the tobacco industry has increased in recent years,” said Gallup author Megan Brenan. “At the same time, marijuana legalization, both for medical and recreational uses, is on the rise and is broadly supported by Americans.”

The majority of Americans polled say cigarettes (82%), chewing tobacco (71%), cigars (56%), pipes (52%), and e-cigarettes (38%) are “very harmful”, while only 27 percent believe that cannabis is equally as bad.

However, when factoring in the response of “somewhat harmful,” nearly all Americans consider cigarettes (96%) and chewing tobacco (94%) as health hazards, with just 56 percent who think the same of marijuana.

Despite those numbers, cigarettes…

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