Former NFL star Christian Okoye says marijuana can save careers from opioids

Christian Okoye says cannabis changed his life to becoming “almost pain free,” and hopes that current players will use it to avoid opioids.

The retired Washington Redskins fullback opened up to TMZ about using medical marijuana as a safer alternative to prescription painkillers when treating the result of an NFL career full of physical punishment.

“I no longer take my pain medication every day,” Okoye admitted. “But now I can actually move around…almost pain free.”

Okoye is no stranger to pain. His career was highlighted by two Pro Bowl appearances and one year leading the league in rushing yards, but was limited to just six years due to multiple injuries.

He is now a spokesperson for Kannaway, a company specializing in health products infused with CBD.

The man who once earned the nickname “The Nigerian Nightmare” further explained how cannabis can help today’s NFL stars.

“I think is one way to avoid using the opioids we’re talking about here, the things that will damage your kidneys and liver,” Okoye said. “But this is natural. I think it’s a way that players can use to actually help themselves…

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