Flow Kana: Embracing Northern California’s Independent Craft Farm Ecosystem

Just as small coffee farmers bring their coffee beans to a centralized facility to be dried, roasted, processed, and packaged for customers downstream, The Flow Cannabis Institute, the world’s first cannabis campus and processing center, provides a centralized location for farmers to test, trim, process, package, manufacture, and distribute their harvest at a massive scale. With the processing center now in operation, Flow Kana plans to complete its manufacturing facility at The Flow Cannabis Institute within a year. Upon completion, Flow Kana will be able to further extend its white label and co-branding services beyond flower products to a full suite of oil-based offerings with cannabis inputs all locally sourced from Flow Kana’s partner farmers, thereby harnessing the biodiversity, library of cannabinoids and strong terpene profiles found only in California’s Emerald Triangle region – Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties.

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