Fernando de La Rocque paints using cannabis smoke

This is not the first time that the Brazilian artist Fernando de La Rocque has caused a stir in the art world. His latest series, “Blow Job”, consists of religious and political icons that he has captured on paper with the help of cannabis smoke. To learn how exactly he does this, check out the article from Cannabis News Network.

It’s no secret that many artists, authors and musicians value the mind-expanding qualities of cannabis. Fernando de La Rocque, however, takes it one step further. Instead of a paintbrush, he wields a joint and he blows the smoke onto pre-cut stencils placed on paper. He has created three images in this way, showing Saint Mary, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Saint Teresa.

Fernando de La Rocque hails from Rio de Janeiro, where cannabis is widespread, but still illegal. This artist is a strong advocate of legalisation. For him, the only thing that is more important than consuming cannabis, is the freedom to think about it and produce art with it, and he has encapsulated this point of view in his “Blow Job” series.

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