Federal government says it will not consider decriminalizing drugs beyond marijuana, despite calls from Canada’s major cities to consider measure. Montreal and Toronto are echoing Vancouver and urging government to treat drug use as public health issue, rather than criminal one. : worldnews

Montreal’s public health department has just thrown its support behind a report released recently by Toronto’s board of health which urges the federal government to decriminalize all drugs.

I know I’ll get downvoted for saying this but I agree with the federal government’s decision to not decriminalize all drugs. You decriminalize all drugs and let it be legal that people can use any drug they want and then cry health problem when they inevitably take over their lives and the only thing you’ll run into is an already overburdened healthcare system spiraling out of control.

Drugs are bad, kids. I never did drugs and never felt the temptation to do so. They can destroy your life, especially if we’re talking about shit like opium, which the article mentioned. Calling people’s willingness to take any drug regardless of potency and danger a mental health issue too big a stretch in my mind. I understand we live in a time when people want to decriminalize drugs so badly but doing a blanket decriminalization of all drugs is plain stupid imo.

The article pointed to Portugal for doing so in 2001 and I’d honestly like an unbiased analysis on what it did to the country and whether or not it might work in other countries with vastly different cultures and demographics.

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