Events and Dispensary Touring Continues

Cannabis Season – Week 8

This week includes the Veterans BBQ on Sunday and the Memorial Day Sesh on Monday, both being held at the NW Cannabis Club.  On Friday Ms. Jeni Wren is performing at Barrio on SE Foster, and Saturday finds me attending a social consumption dinner at a private residence, compliments of The Weed Blog.   I also continue with my Dispensary Tour, this week wandering through eastern Beaverton and western Portland along the I5 corridor.  Here is how I walked 11.6 miles from Sunday May 28 through Saturday, June 3.

Sunday, 5/28/17, 1.0 miles. The NW Cannabis Club is holding a BBQ today and all members who are also veterans get in for only a dollar today, so Flo and I are attending.  I see this as a wonderful way to introduce Flo to some of the folks I have gotten to know at the Club.  Alas, either something I ate, drank, or smoked turned a fun day into a miserable one; we had to leave before the festivities got under way.  The rest of my day finds me ill and uncomfortable.

Monday, 5/29/17, 0.2 miles.  I am going nowhere.  Whatever started me down this path yesterday still has a firm grip on my psyche.  No Memorial Day Sesh at the NWCC for…

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