Does Cannabis Make You More Creative?

Have you ever wondered if your creative flare while stoned is just a coincidence? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. There have been many artists across the ages who have sworn by marijuana’s ability to increase creativity. While there is some research on the affirmative side, there are Dutch researchers who observe a limit to this truth. Keep reading to learn more about cannabis and creativity.

Is it just a coincidence that so many musicians, artists and entrepreneurs have admitted to using cannabis? There are mountains of famous creative geniuses and bedroom artists that swear cannabis inspires their creative juices. How much truth is there to it?

Most of us who have had some experience with marijuana can even testify to having more creative thoughts, even if they don’t lead to the next masterpiece.

The suspicion that cannabis plays a role in the activity of the right side of the brain (which Carl Sagan talks about in great length in his book, Dragons of Eden) might not be without reason. And yes, the right side of the brain is the more creative side. Some scientific…

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