Dennis Rodman Promotes Marijuana Cryptocurrency During Mission to Broker US, North Korea Peace

At the beginning of a bizarre interview on “The Late Show,” host Stephen Colbert, said, “My next guest is a five-time NBA champion, Hall of Famer, and possibly all that is standing between us and thermonuclear war with North Korea… Dennis Rodman.”

Apparently, Colbert wasn’t wrong — and that was in December 2017.

During another interview that aired Tuesday, June 12, 2018 on CNN, the five-time visitor to North Korea, and acquaintance of the isolated country’s dictator, poured out his soul, crying on camera about how ridiculed he was for meeting with Kim Jong Un before that meeting ultimately paved the way for peace talks with the North Korean leader and President Donald Trump.

“We have really put ourselves on the line to reach out to North Korea and they have been so gracious to me, my family and the United States. So let’s make this happen. If Trump can pull this off, more power to him,” Rodman told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

To make this story even weirder, Rodman has been sporting attire emblazoned with the website for a cannabis-focused cryptocurrency throughout this entire monthslong campaign for peace.

PotCoin is a cryptocurrency company based in Montreal that aims to solve the marijuana industry’s widespread banking woes, offering an “ultra-secure digital cryptocurrency, network and banking solution.”

Black-market trade of cannabis and other drugs over the “dark web” has long been supported by Bitcoin’s cloak of anonymity, so it would make sense that a cryptocurrency company would try to bring that same strategy to the legal marketplace while traditional banking institutions continue to resist cannabis-related accounts.

Increased public visibility due to Rodman’s endorsement had the cannabis crypto trading 23 percent higher on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, than the day before.

It should be noted that while Rodman’s PotCoin-sponsored shirt also says “Peace Starts in Singapore,” cannabis is still highly illegal in Singapore and smoking the plant can result in a death sentence if convicted.

Lending credence to Rodman’s crucial role in the historic denuclearization summit, White House press secretary and world-class storyteller Sarah Huckabee Sanders rang Rodman’s phone on behalf of our nation’s actual president to thank the dual-nostril-pierced live action cartoon character for assisting in the peacemaking project.

“The president had seen some of your comments over the last several days,” Sanders was heard saying to Rodman in a video by Vice News.

“He just wanted me to reach out and thank you for some of the positive things you said and appreciate you being helpful in this process.”

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, which could be nuclear armageddon if we’re being real with each other, PotCoin is proud of its involvement in the denuclearization talks. Company spokesperson Shawn Perez told the Washington Post that the upstart digital currency has been “incredibly supportive of Rodman’s peace mission from the beginning” and they are “thrilled to see how the political climate has been improved between North Koreans and the US since he became involved.”

Thanks, PotCoin.

If you’re wondering how PotCoin will follow up the marketing smash hit of buying Dennis Rodman flights to North Korea, it is collaborating with Charlie Sheen on a line of cannabis vape pens called Sheenius. No word from lab testing facilities yet on tiger blood content of the concentrate.

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