DEA Joins Utah’s Anti-Cannabis Coalition in Attempt to Kill Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure – News

But even with a scant chance that the prohibitionist group actually succeeds, Utah medical marijuana advocates are still concerned and upset with both the tactics that Drug Safe Utah is using, as well as who is funding the anti-cannabis campaign.

“We wouldn’t be as worried if they weren’t using such deceptive tactics,” DJ Schanz, director of the Utah Patients Coalition, which advocates for cannabis reform, As noted by Marijuana Moment, the federal agency’s involvement in state cannabis issues flies directly in the face of president Trump’s recent medical marijuana concessions, and has already raised eyebrows about a possible conflict-of-interest between state and federal operations.

“While there has been opposition in other states, the opposition we’re seeing here, we think, is unprecedented,”

But no matter how unethical or deceptive it is for a federally-funded agency to spend cash in an attempt to challenge the will of Utah voters, Kathleen Clark, an ethics law professor at Washington University in St. Louis, told Marijuana Moment that the local DEA office’s support for Drug Free Utah does not break any campaign rules because the MMJ ballot question is not a matter of partisan politics.

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