Crafted Global Joins the Fight Against Cancer

Striving to be a true benefit to the community and helping those in need, cannabis brand Crafted Global has teamed up with FxCk Cancer, a nonprofit and registered cancer foundation to raise awareness and educate about early cancer detection.

Mark Nashed founded Crafted Global in November 2015 with the aim of breaking the conventional cannabis stereotype and helping others in the process.

“When we initially started the company, it was based off me having family members that were sick — both my mom and sister. So that was always one of our core values,” Nashed said.

Also among his core values is helping others.

“One of my employees went to high school with one the founders of Fxck Cancer,” Nashed said. “He brought up the idea to see if we can provide low-cost medication to some of their constituents. I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s an awesome idea and let’s do it.’”

Together with Brandon Ward, President of the Fxck Cancer Foundation, they came up with the idea of building a website where constituents can come and ask a physician questions.

“The consumers would be able to get 50 percent off on all of our CBD products, as well as constant access to a doctor that could help them heal or a treatment regimen for whatever illness they’re trying to help,” Nashed said. “And we would provide to them free of charge. We would only ask that if they have the ability to donate, that they would donate to help others.”

The Crafted Global programs were created to educate people so they can get more comfortable with the idea of using cannabis as a treatment for certain types of cancers.

“I think personally what the biggest problem is that there isn’t enough information that people can use as a reference to try to get past the illness that they have,” Nashed said. “For instance, there isn’t a repository of information where you can go and say, OK this is the treatment plan for this particular type of problem’. One of our biggest things that were trying to push is the fact that we want to over-educate people on how to use cannabis instead of some of these other treatments.”

When it comes to joining forces with a cannabis business, Ward said it seemed like a good fit.

“Fxck Cancer has always prided itself on being a valuable resource for our network of patients and supporters who seek information on all aspects of fighting cancer,” he said. “We’re excited to collaborate with Crafted Extracts in providing guidance and information for those in the fight who have an interest in the medicinal properties of cannabis.”

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