Concentrate Review: Quality Resources’ Sour Tangie Sauce is Sure to Please Your Dad

Sour Tangie Sauce is definitely a dope dab for dads day. A tantalizing cross of East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie, the flower used to create this Sativa-dominant sauce was first cultivated by Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics. With an intense citrus-forward profile, the chances are good this Sour Tangie Sauce (STS) would make a welcome Father’s Day gift come Sunday.

Produced by Quality Resources, Sour Tangie Sauce is a tart dab, as the name suggests. A substantial sauce for the overstimulated patriarch in your family, STS seamlessly blends the analgesic effects of a heady Indica with the happy sensation of your favorite Sativa.

Quality Resources Sour Tangie Sauce

Quality Resources Sour Tangie Sauce

Appearance: A granular tangerine syrup, STS looks like an orange-hued facial scrub. Locked in a puddle of solidified crystals and beneficial terpenes, the Sour Tangie Sauce smells more like a culinary treat than a gift for the head. Unchained from the plant material, the compounds retained in this sauce enjoy a broader range of the plant’s beneficial compounds than your average budders, shatters, or waxes. The sauces are a sweet treat for the hyperactive head and the entourage effect is also considered beneficial for those looking to mitigate physical discomfort,  lethargy, or depression.

Dab: A powerful sauce for this father of three, Sour Tangie induced a relaxed and therapeutic mindset after the first dab. I took a hit from my Nexus Puck, the daily driver. STS was a citrus-centric delight for the senses, a saucy dab for any cannabis connoisseur. Quality Resources’ Sour Tangie Sauce dissolved cleanly in my quartz bucket. Hit, held, and released, the sauce left me floating in a curious tangerine dream.

Flavor: A sweet and sour dab with a deep tartness, STS has captured some of the more intriguing traits found in the Sour Tangie flower. But while her savory tang has made this a go-to sauce among fans of today’s elevated concentrates, it’s the high from STS that will keep this dad coming back for more.

The High: STS is a motivational concentrate that ignites a creative fire and extinguishes daily procrastination. The elevated mind is freed from persistent anxiety, ready to drift and contemplate the complexity of life. STS should be high on your shopping list this Father’s Day, especially if you have some recreational activity planned for pops.

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